Best Islands in Negros that You Should Visit Now

Negros was not blessed with hundreds of Islands unlike Palawan and other regions in the Philippines, but its few islands offer unique experience that every traveler will love. While there are only few islands in the region, going to at least one of them is really worth it. Each island in Negros was beautifully made to invite local and foreign tourists. If you want to travel to Negros, these are the best islands you should not miss.


Lakawon island  is undoubtedly the most popular island in Negros today. It used to be a simple white sand beach before businessman Vladimir Gozalez acquired the Island and developed it. Their Tawhai floating bar and restaurant is popular among tourists.


Want to see turtles up close? Then, go to Apo Island. Swimming with the marine animals is just one of the activities you can do in the island. Plus, you have the chance to take selfies with them with your underwater camera.

Sipaway is also famous for its white sand beaches although it’s not as powdery as a Boracay. But what most people love about it is, there are plenty of cheap resorts that will save you from spending too much.

4 4.   Danjugan Island, Cauayan City, Negros Occidental


This is not your usual island destination. Danjugan island is a protected sanctuary that serves as a home to marine and terrestrial life.  You can experience nature at its best in Danjugan. Also, you will learn a lot about conservation in the island.

55. Jomabo Island, Escalante City, Negros Occidental


Another treasure in Negros is Jomabo Island. It’s a very relaxing and peaceful island that will let you unwind. Some of the activities you can do in the island are snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming at their white sand beach.

Don’t forget to put these islands in your bucket list the next time you visit Negros. You will surely enjoy your travel in Negros by visiting these well-loved treasures. 

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