3 Negros Beaches with the Most Stunning Infinity Pools

People who don’t like to swim at the beach would prefer use the pool. But why not relax at the pool and feel the beach vibe at the same time? Well, that is possible by using the infinity pool.

In Negros Island, there are a few beach resorts where you can enjoy their infinity pool. The most popular is in Punta Bulata White Beach Resort and Spa in Cauayan. 

The pool is located in front of the beach so when you take a photo of it, it would look like a pool with no boundary which is the main concept of infinity pool.

These pools are designed to create a visual effect of water merging usually with ocean. A good angle must be considered when taking photos to get the whole idea.

When visiting Negros, don’t miss the chance to visit these beaches with the most beautiful infinity pools. 

1. Punta Bulata White Beach Resort and Spa, Cauayan Municipality, Negros Occidental

Punta Bulata is the most developed resort in the Municipality, having received an AA accreditation from the Department of Tourism. Their infinity pool is popular among tourists. While it is expensive for budget travelers, it’s surely worth it.

Photo Credit: Punta Bulata White Beach Resort and Spa
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2. Lalimar Beach Resort, La Libertad, Negros Oriental

Lalimar is one of the nicest beach resorts in Negros Oriental because of its super relaxing ambiance. And of course, its infinity pool is really stunning.

Photo Credit: GP's Drive
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3. Perfect Getaway Sipalay Tower (formerly known as Perth Paradise), Sipalay City, Negros Occidental

Sipalay Tower’s infinity pool has the best view ever. You can swim at the pool with nature all around. It’s worth the long hours of travel going to this resort. 

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Photo Credit: Tuklaserangmatipid.com
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