Bacolod City MassKara Festival 2016 Schedule of Activities

MassKara Festival is an annual festival celebrated in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental every third week of October. MassKara was formed from mass which means a multitude of people and cara, a Spanish term for face. It also came from the Filipino word maskara or mask since the festival features colorful and smiling masks. Thus, Bacolod bears the nickname of “City of Smiles.”
Photo Credit: Bacolod MassKara Facebook Page

The festival started in 1980 in the midst of crisis in Bacolod City. Sugar cane is the primary agricultural crop of the province but the price didn’t go well during that year when the United States introduced sugar substitutes. In April 1980, MV Don Juan also collided with the tanker in Tacloban City and sank. Hundreds of Negrenses, including from Bacolod lost their lives.

These unfortunate events urged the local government to hold a festival of smiles. The initial festival is a declaration that Bacolod City will rise no matter how bad the situation were. Today, MassKara Festival is one of the prominent festivals in the country and around the world.

Meanwhile, Bacolod City Mayor Bing Leonardia announced that 2016 will be the longest MassKara Festival, beginning from October 1 until the 23rd.

Below is the final and complete schedule of activities:

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