2 Men Drown in Ubong Cave, Hinoba-an

A happy outing turned tragic after two men lost their lives in Ubong Cave, Hinoba-an on Saturday, October 15. They were identified as Jerson Castro and Mark Ryan Santisteban.

According to a source, they were with their group of friends in Ubong Cave when the incident happened.  Santisteban's body was immediately recovered while Castro went missing for hours before his body was found.

Unconfirmed reports also said that Catsro was swept by big waves and Santisteban tried to rescue him. 

Aside from white sand beaches, Ubong Cave is among the major attractions in the Municipality of Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental.

The wet Ubong cave is a popular destination for tourists. Its mouth facing the sea is big enough for pumpboats to dock within. It has also natural pools inside where one can take a swim.

Ubong Cave is also famous for its historical significance. It was said that World War II hero Major Jesus Villamor landed in the cave in 1942 where he brought firearms for Philippine Guerillas, establishing first radio contact with General Douglas McAthur.

For safety reasons, everyone are advised no to explore the cave during bad weather condition. Always check the weather when traveling to avoid unfortunate events.

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