The Best All Year Round Destination in Negros: Campuestohan Highland Resort

Campuestohan Highland Resort is definitely one of the best resorts in Negros. Situated at the boundaries of Bacolod City and Talisay City, the 5-hectare resort offers a number of activities which everyone can really enjoy. Just like what they said, "Everything that one can ask for is found right here at Campuestohan Highland Resort."

Bacolod City Councilor Cano Tan and his wife Nita Tan are the owners of the resort. Before, the couple were just dreaming of a retirement home where they can stay and relax in their golden years. But when they saw the property, they found potential in it.

That's when the ball started rolling. Mr. and Mrs. Tan began thinking of ideas on how to develop the property. That simple laidback place in the midst of the forests of Mount Makawili has undergone huge transformation, making it among the top resorts in the province.

Now, Campuestohan is attracting both local and foreign tourists who wish to experience the breathtaking beauty of the resort.

Figures of popular Superhero characters like Superman and Spiderman can be found in the resort. You can also take pictures with life-size effigies of prominent persons including Michael Jordan and Elvis Presley.

Campuestohan offers also activities for adventure-seekers. They have a zipline, sky bicycle, course rope, hamster wheel, and bungee trampoline. The resort is also a haven for pool lovers. In fact, they have a wave pool which is the first in the region

There are rooms for those who want to stay overnight and there are also cottages for dayuse. Prices vary depending on the type of room or cottage and the number of guests who will use it.

Indeed, Campuestohan Highland Resort is the perfect getaway all year round.

How to get there:

The jump off point to Campuestohan is the Lopue's East in Bacolod City since it's accessible to everyone. If you have a private car, just follow the direction below.

Since public transportation going directly to the resort is not available, Campuestohan offers round trip shuttle service. The loading area is located at Villa Angela Arcade fronting Lopue's East. The service departs at 9:00 am and leaves the resort at 4:00 pm.

Complete Rates:

For inquiries and bookings, contact the following information:

Mobile Numbers:


(034) 702-0964
(034) 433-3335

Office Address:
Bacolod TP Truckers, Gonzaga St., Bacolod City (office hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm)

Photos from Symon Mercado, Joefell Francisco Balagosa, Rocky Natiag Abapo, Campuestohan Highland Resort Website, Stephen Tan, Reserve PH Facebook page, Ivan Bandiola

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