Everything You Need to Know About Kanlaon Inland Resort and Eco-Tourism

Canlaon City in the province of Negros Oriental is known for Mount Kanlaon, the highest peak in the Central Visayas and the third most active volcano in the Philippines. However, it is still under alert signal no. 1, following the eruption last June.

And in case you missed climbing the majestic mountain, there's also another attraction in the City that you will surely love. The Kanlaon Inland Resort and Eco-tourism or simply known as Inland.

Kanlaon Inland Resort is a very relaxing place as you can see in the photos. It has pools being fed by freshwater from Mount Kanlaon, and most people said that it's as cold as ice water. There are also cottages that you can use for a day.

The road getting there is quite difficult, but you can enjoy the scenery and the vegetable plantation around. You will also need to take a number of steps, approximately 150 steps, that will lead you down to this eco-friendly resort.

Kanlaon Inland Resort is being managed by the local government and everything is FREE in the resort. Yes, you read it right. Everything is free except for the parking space which costs 10.00 php only.

The city of Canlaon is paying for the maintenance of the resort. While they don't profit from it, they can help the locals near the resort,. That include the store owners, tricycle drivers, and small eatery owners.

The swimming pools is free but you need to brave the ice cold water. The cottages are also free but that means, first come, first serve.

The only thing you need to worry about is the direction going to resort. Hopefully, this guide can help you.

How to get to Kanlaon Inland Resort and Eco-toursim:

Kanlaon Inland Resort is located at Purok Everlasting, Barangay Malaiba, Canlaon City.

From Bacolod City, take a Ceres Liner Bus routing Canlaon City at the Southband Terminal in shopping. The travel time is about three hours.

From Dumaguete City, you can directly go to Canlaon City via Ceres Liner bus at the terminal. The trip  usually take five hours depending on the road condition, stop-overs and number of passengers.

From the City proper of Canlaon City, look for a motorcycle that will take you to the resort. You can ask the locals for the trike terminal.

Please take note that the last bus trip from Canlaon to Dumaguete and Bacolod is until 5:00 pm only. So, be at the terminal as early as 4:00 pm or you may also book a room at the proper.

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Photos by Symon Dequina Mercado, Gina Abellana-Crucio

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