Newly-Discovered Kansalakan Enchanted River in Guihulngan City (Photos)

Guihulngan City is a component city in the province of Negros Oriental in Negros Island Region (NIR). While it is the only 5th class city in the whole region, Guihulngan has so much to offer, like this mystic Kansalakan Enchanted River.

Aside from Hinakpan Hills which resembles the famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Kansalakan Enchanted River is also slightly similar to Surigao del Sur's Hinatuan Enchanted River.

Although this river is popular to locals, many people have no idea that this beautiful river actually exist in the City of Guihulngan.

Photographer Symon Dequina Mercado shared these amazing photos of Kansalakan Enchanted River to Travel Negros. He was invited by the Guihulngan Tourism officers to shoot pictures this natural attraction.

The unique turquoise water and strange stories about it have attracted local tourists. One story tell that some people mysteriously lost their lives in the river and these people act as its protector.

Kansalakan Enchanted River is located at the boundaries of Barangay Balogo and Barangay Banuage, 23 km west of Guihulngan City. 

This is accessible via private car or single motor bike from the city proper. The travel time is about 40 minutes and you will pass by Hinakpan Hills.

Kansalakan River is open to the public and there is no entrance fee. The local government pays to keep the area clean. Tourists are highly encourage to take part in keeping the river in good condition.

Please do not leave your garbage at the river. Be a responsible traveler!

We would like to acknowledge sir Symon Dequina Mercado for sharing these wonderful photos. Thank you so much, sir!

Note: All photos are copyrighted.

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  1. This is so enchanting! Hope I can visit the place soon.


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