Experience Nature at Its Best at Patag Mountain Resort

Patag Mountain Resort is a community-based group of resorts owned by different owners at Barangay Patag, Silay City, Negros Occidental. It is a part of Northern Negros Natural Park, a protected area of the Philippines which is rich in biodiversity.
Mount Mandalagan/ Tinagong Dagat
It offers a number of stunning waterfalls for adventurous entusiats, it has an abundant flora and fauna for nature-seekers, and it serves as the major jump-off point for people who want to climb Mount Mandalagan also known as Tinagong Dagat and trek to the stunning waterfalls.

Patag has the last stand of Japanese Imperial Forces in Negros Island during the World War II. Many years after the war, tunnels, weapons and skeletal remains have been discovered at the village. It was also said that former president Manuel Quezon had visited Patag.

There are vegetable plantation in Patag where many restaurants and hotels in the city get their supply. There are also a lot of century-old tress around that will mesmerize you.

If you want to fill your lungs with fresh air, there are three major resorts in Patag that you can visit. They are ideal for soul-searching and adventure.

1. Patag Recreational Center

Patag Recreational Center is the most-visited resort in Patag. It is being managed by the Silay City Government and it's very affordable. The old hospital beside has been converted into hostel for those who prefer to stay overnight.

Entrance Fee:
Adult- 10.00
Children/Student- 5.00

Accommodations per person:
Rooms with toilet- 100.00
Rooms without toilet- 80.00

Campsite- 50.00
Swimming Pool- 30.00

The rooms are spacious enough for groups. However, they do not provide mattress and pillows, so must bring your own. There are also small sari-sari stores at the resort where you can buy your basic needs.

Contact Number: 639091447528

2. Ladlad Mountain Resort

Ladlad Mountain Resort is located at the higher part of the mountain. There is a pool fed by spring water and there are cottages you can rent for day use and rooms for overnight stays.

One can swim at the ice-cold swimming pool and feel the nature around at Ladlad. Perfect place to unwind during holidays.

Entrance Fee:
Adults/Children- 20.00

Cottages- 200.00 (Prices may  also vary depending on cottage you opt to rent)
Rooms Good for Four- 500.00

Campsite- 100.00

Contact Number: 0920-600-4035

3. Elena Mountain Resort

Elena Mountain Resort is a few minutes away from Ladlad Mountain Resort. And like other resorts, it has also a swimming pool to cool your body.  Elena also provides campsite for campers and comfortable rooms as well.

Entrance Fee:
Adult/Children- 20.00

Room/Double deck- 800.00
Whole House- 1,500.00

Swimming Pool- 10.00

Contact Number: 09212333618

How to get to Patag:

From Silay City proper, take a jeepney from Patag Terminal near the Prince Supermarket. Be patient since you will need to wait for the vehicle to be full of passengers and there are also many stop points.

The fare is about 50.00 to 60.00 php and the travel time is approximately one hour. Tell driver or conductor to drop you at the resort of your choice.

From the resorts, you can ask the staff for tour guides if you want to trek to Pulang Bato Falls, Dumalabdab Falls, Malisbog Falls and Tinagong Dagat.

Since Barangay Patag is part of Natural Park, everyone is advised to take part in taking care of the environment. 

Photos from Rocky Abapo, Elena Mountain Resort Facebook Page, Ladlad Mountain Resort Facebook Page, Jade Abelgas, Hannah Javier

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