Twin Lakes of Balinsasayao is a Must-See Destination in Negros Oriental

Twin lakes of Balinsasayao and Danao are two of the most beautiful lakes that can be found in Negros island. Surrounded by mountains and luscious trees, these treasures are meant to be seen and protected.

While this is a popular destination in the City of Dumaguete, it surprisingly remained untouched. The park is part of Mount Talinis range, a protected area, and it serves as watershed for Southern Negros Oriental.

The Balinsasayao Natural Park is rich in biodiversity, supporting at least 100 species of birds. In fact, Lake Balinsasayo was named after Balinsasayaw birds who inhabited the area in the past. These birds are also called Swiftlet known for producing saliva nests. 

Its nest is the main ingredient for world-famous Chinese Bird's Nest Soup or locally known as Nido Soup. The latter derived its name from El Nido town in Palawan where the expensive soup is unique. 

This means that Negros is also a home to Balinsasayaw birds before just like El Nido. Isn't that amazing?

Aside from birdwatching, there are also several activities you can do at the park. You can paddle boat, you can mountain trek, you can kayak and you can also swim at a certain area. The park has also viewing deck, restaurant and cottages.

How to get to Balinsasayao twin lakes:

From Dumaguete City, ride a jeepney going to Amlan. Tell the driver to dop you off at the juncture of La-laan in San Jose. From there, you can hire a motorcycle (habal-habal) that will take you directly to the park. The two-way fare is around 300-500 good for two persons.

If you have your own car, you need to drive at the national highway all the way to Amlan. Then, turn left at La-laan San Jose juncture and drive until you reach the registration point.

You may also opt to rent a  motorcycle from the City proper for 300-500. If you don't know how to drive, you may ask the driver to do it for you, but you need to pay an additional payment.


Entrance- 25.00 (Filipino)/ 100.00 (Non-Filipino)
Parking- 10.00
Paddle Boat- 360.00 good for six persons
Cottage for dayuse- 50.00


The road going to the park is steep so be careful when you are driving a car or motorcycle.

Public utility vehicles are not available at the park, so make sure that you hire a motorcycle for two-way.

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Photos from EJV Aerial Services, Ddonna Licerio, Melhamar Asani, Flohry Loreman, Balinsasayao Twin Lakes FB page

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