Byahilo Visits The Mariano Ramos Ancestral House In Bacolod

posted by Enrico Dee
on September 19, 2011

Last Friday I had the very rare chance of getting inside the Don Mariano Ramos Ancestral House located along Burgos Street in Bacolod City. When I was still in college I get to pass by this house everyday as jeepneys coming from the University of St. La Salle would pass by this area before going to the downtown Bacolod.

During my college years, I can only get a glimpse of its top half, since the gate is quite high and is always closed. But I was so overjoyed when finally, I was able to set foot in Don Mariano Ramos Ancestral House.

The house in painted in white is owned by Don Mariano Ramos. He was appointed to the position of Presidente Municipal of Bacolod.During that time the position is equivalent to the city mayor. The mansion was built in the 30's and was designed with Castilian and Tuscan influences. The house has 3 floors including the octagonal shaped tower on its left side.

The house was once used by the Japanese forces as their headquarters. Today, the house is occupied by the family. That is why this mansion, though rich in history, is still off limits to the public unless you know a family member there.

I also got a glimpse of its sala and dining area and it is still intact. The tiles, hard wood floors have never been changed. The stair case is really beautiful.

The long stretch of Burgos Street is used to be called Bacolod’s Millionaire’s row as five mansions have been built here adjacent to each other. But actually the owners of all the five houses are related to each other either by bloodline or by marriage.  And just like the Don Mariano Ramos Ancestral House, the other houses in this area is also off limits to the public.

 It is said that Former President Manuel L Quezon is a classmate of Don Mariano Ramos, and he is just one of the very prominent personalities who have been to this place.

It was an afternoon of information overload, tracing the family tree of the Ramos family. I am so happy to learn about their family history. I was able to picture out what was Bacolod during its time.

Many thanks to Manong Lloyd for bringing us inside the house!

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